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At the end of the cataclysmic conflict of the First World War some units took photographs of those soldiers who had started and finished the war in the same unit. Numbers were understandably small when considered those who were killed, 10,000 Royal Welshmen, wounded or due to their service at the front impacting their health making them unable to continue to serve. These photos are of 1 and 4 RWF who would have gone to war with a relatively well established and experienced group of soldiers. Many would have been friends for many years prior to the start of the war and so the impact of casualties would have had a big impact on those who survived.

30 June 1916

30 June 1916 Siegfried Sassoon is notified that he has been awarded the Military Cross.

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WW1 nurses in Caernarfon

Red Cross nurses during First World War parade at Caernarfon

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On this day in RWF history - May 4th 1917 - The sinking of SS Transylvania

The SS Transylvania was a passenger liner of the Cunard subsidiary Anchor Line, and a sister ship to SS Tuscania. She was torpedoed and sunk on May 4, 1917 by the German U-boat U-63 while carrying Allied troops to Egypt. She sank with a loss of 412 lives which included some RWF.
Joseph Edward Jones 20862 - On Thursday 3 May 1917, he with other troops, boarded the SS Transylvania at Marseille for Alexandria, Egypt. At 10 am on Friday 4 May 1917, the ship was struck by a torpedo fired by U Boat U-63 under the command of Otto Schultz. Joseph along with many others was killed.
Also thanks to Mair Jones (nee Parry)
William Parry from the 7th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers sailed on her and was on board when she was torpedoed. He survived,taken to Savona and eventually sailed on another ship to Alexandria. He was wounded before Allenby’s march on Jerusalem and repatriated in November 1917.

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Come meet a WW1 Tommy this Easter at the RWF Museum inside Caernarfon Castle

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